Head Office Expansion


Type: Design-builtt

Project Date/Period: 2012

The expansion of the AGF head office (1,846 sq. m. spanning 3 floors) needed to meet a basic criterion, i.e., using a structural prefabricated massive cross-laminated wood panel prototype, developed in partnership by AGF and KLH, an Austrian firm. Very much involved in sustainable and environmentally-friendly development, QMD was able to adapt to the client’s requests and adequately meet the needs and specific characteristics of the project. An innovative office design was attained, including open-concept working spaces, glazing on the ground, favoring the use of natural light, all of which resulted in an enjoyable workplace, to the complete satisfaction of the occupants.

  • AGF 1
  • AGF 2
  • AGF 3
  • AGF 4
  • AGF 5
  • AGF 6
  • AGF 7
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